Programs-Traditional Taekwondo Academy


Tiny Tigers Program
The Tiny Tigers program is aimed at 
4-6 years old children.  Classes are designed to improve children's motor skills, improve the
attention span and their ability to follow 
Tiny Tiger students learn about stranger danger and bully prevention.
Karate for Kids Program
The Karate for Kids program is a traditional Taekwondo program for children aged 7-12. Children are taught to set short and long term goals and the joy of attaining those goals through hard work and perseverance. 
Every kid is special and every kid is a winner. Therefore, every kid is taught to set his/her own goals according to their own abilities. Students are not judged against each other and e

very student progress at their own pace.
Discipline and focus that are taught in the Taekwondo curriculum translates well into other performances at school and other sports and extra curricular activities.
Teen and Adult Program
The Teen and Adult program provides you with a total fitness workout.ATA Classes are designed to strengthen and tone every muscle in your body. Cardio vascular conditioning, good flexibility and strengthening excercises help to get you in peak condition.
Confidence is improved, personal self-defence and peak physical conditional attained. These attributes will enhance your performance at the office, at home and in any other sporting activities. 
Anyone is welcome in this class. Even the "biltong-squat". All ages of students are accommodated and you are never too old to learn.