About us-Traditional Taekwondo Academy

About us

In 2006 Sabumnim Anecke Viljoen won the World Championships in her division. Back home she decided to sow back in to the community by sharing her experience with prospective students. She opened a Taekwondo school in a school hall in Pretoria with only 4 students, two years later she and her husband bought a house in Wonderboom-South Pretoria and built the current Traditional Taekwondo Academy from scratch.

 In 2007 the club attended the South African National Championships with the smallest contingency of students, each one of them going home with four gold medals.

In 2011 TTA’s first Black belt (1st degree) grades successfully. In the coming years up to 2015 the club continues to grow.

In 2014 TTA entered the largest group of Black belts coming from one club, into the SA National Championships, and 5 of the 16 Top 5 Black Belt Division titles goes to a TTA Black Belt. In 2014 TTA also received the following awards from the ATA: Best Instructor was awarded to Sabumnim Viljoen.


In 2011 Sabumnim Viljoen started working with approximately 50 abused kids with classes running 4 times a week, and in 2013 these kids got there first exposure to a Provincial Competition at the Gauteng North Championships with great results. TTA is continuously working with these kids on a weekly basis, developing them as an individuals in all life skills. Currently there are also approximately 50 students between the ages of 3 and 50 attending classes on a daily basis and the club is rapidly growing. TTA’s vision for the future is grounded on the premise that anyone can achieve black belt ranking if they put their heart and mind to it.